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Short Metric Incentive Scheme

  1. Only Green Dragon Bowmen members are entitled to claim club badges.
  2. A club badge is awarded for shooting short metric appropriate to age/gender and scoring equal to or over the required score.
  3. The round must be completed in one session.
  4. Badges will not be awarded for scores below, or level to, that for which a badge has already been awarded. However each bow type will be considered independently.
  5. If an archer shoots a new qualifying score at a competition or another club’s venue and wishes to claim a badge that score must first be handed to the GDB records officer.
  6. All score sheets handed in for badge claim purposes must be signed by the archer and countersigned by the target captain, or someone who witnessed the round.
  7. An archer may not claim a badge for a score for which the GDB records officer has no record.
  8. If a member loses a badge, they can purchase a replacement from the club, providing the records officer verifies the award. The fee for a replacement badge can be found of the Prices page of the website.
Bow TypeGreenWhiteBlackBlueRedYellowPurple
Scores required for each badge based on bow type
Round to be shot based on age and gender