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How do I get into archery?

Your best bet is to go along to your nearest archery club. Speak to them and see when their next beginners course is scheduled. You should complete this course before you buy your bow and start to shoot. If your interested in joining Green Dragon Bowmen, then please see the Join GDB section of this website.

Can I use archery towards my DoE?

Green Dragon Bowmen have supported may people with archery as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award. Please see the Join GDB part of the website and contact us for more information.

Is archery expensive?

It can be hazardous to your wealth! Honestly though it can be a relatively cheap sport, but like so many sports, the sky is the limit if you are one of those who just has to have the latest piece of kit.

You will need to join a club and pay your Archery GB fees, and there may be a nominal charge to cover the cost of hiring a suitable venue for indoor shooting during the winter.

Is archery dangerous?

No, everything is done to ensure that safety is everyone’s top priority. Safety procedures will be drummed into you from the first moment you see a bow. As with most sports, archery can be dangerous, but only if you don’t follow the rules.

My child is interested in archery – can they learn too?

Every archery club has juniors, they are the future of the sport and an integral part of Green Dragon Bowmen. If they are old enough to use a bow (approximately 8years old) then they can join, and they’ll have a lot of fun! There are fun shoots and club competitions they can enter, and lots of medals to be won. It’s one of those sports that they will probably still be enjoying when they’re parents. So yes, definitely.

Should I go and buy a bow before I do the beginners course?

Definitely not! The beginners course will teach you a lot about equipment – but one thing you will soon learn about archery clubs, is that everyone is helpful. At Green Dragon we have coaches who will be more than happy to discuss with you what you’ll need. Once you are sure that archery is for you we can advise you about where to go to get fully equipped.